We believe that the meeting between people is the most important thing

About us

101 Relationer is one of Sweden's most engaged companies in the field of qualified appointment booking and new business recruitment.

Specialized in complex business communication

Since 2012 has 101 Relationer´s objective been to be the first market choice for professional meeting booking.
101 Relations specializes in making complex business communication more understandable, interesting and attractive.

Together with our customers, we have developed a process to fully understand the target market´s demands and needs.


Tangible Results

Our goal is to continuously help companies create measurable results and achieve their growth targets.

Thanks to our methodology where quality and sales predominate is 101 Relationer one of Sweden’s most sought after companies in the booking meetings and new customer cultivation.

101 Relations has offices in Stockholm and Barcelona and has over 100 customers that want to increase their sales.


The Team

We steadily build and educate our team with strong focus on personal development
To build the team and every employee with a strong focus on personal development since it is a vital factor when with companies in constant development and growth.

We are in consistent look out for new talents as well as lifting our personnel to reach a new level and to be a part of their successful career.


Therese Dalberg,

Founder 101 Relationer
+4670 542 44 66



Matilde Urdinola,

Founder 101 Relationer
+4670 8989901

Our offices

101 Relationer AB
Sankt Eriksgatan 117
113 43 Stockholm
+46 (0)857810100


101 Relationer Barcelona
Avinguda de la Riera de Cassoles 20

+46 8578 10100

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