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Many questions put to us are recurring and here we have gathered a selection of these, along with the answers.

You pay on delivery, i.e. when we have booked a meeting with the decision-makers from your target audience. The price of this meeting depends on your requirements for the meeting itself. It is up to you to decide what pre-requisites there should be in order for you to have the best conditions at the meeting. We use a qualification model for the different levels of requirements you may have for the meeting. Learn more about our pricing model for our services under Qualified appointment booking. Our prices range from 250€-400€ per booked appointment.
Our ambition is that the project manager who will be in charge of your meeting bookings will be like an extended arm for your company. As our project managers work with a smaller number of projects, they work intensively with them. It is important that your project manager understands your business; target audience, service/product, and can thus respond to the various questions and represent your brand in the best way. Thanks to the work we do during our start-up phase; we ensure that our quality is maintained from the first start-up workshop to the last evaluation meeting.
We will be happy to provide a list for you. If required you will go through the list in order to, for example, ensure that we do not contact your existing customers. Sometimes, our customers have an existing list, which we can complement with the list we produce. When developing the list, we keep in mind your wishes regarding the companies you wish to meet. These might include e.g. : Turnover requirements Requirements for number of employees Geographic requirements on where you want the meetings We also look at which branches you have been most successful in the past Do you have any dream clients as a future guideline? From this we can draw up a list of companies, which have the right pre-requisites on paper. Then it is the project manager's responsibility to see if the companies meet your requirements when it comes to qualifying questions. Download our price list to learn more about our ABC model for qualification issues.





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